As far as, I remember myself I was brimming with passion and natural creativity in a diverse range of activities and modes of expressions including dance, literature and photography.
I have studied literature but for many years I have also been involved in dancing with great success. I have given dance performances with my partner and husband in some of the greatest theatres in Greece and always managed to cause a wave of emotions to our audience with our dance.
Recently, a sudden but welcome pregnancy made me limit dancing and led me to different mediums of expression.
At that time I met a great teacher who showed me the way to develop new modes of expressing myself.
I don’t know if my creations manage to affect your senses and emotions but definitely they are different and unique.
My favorite subject is the imitation of nature and thus very often I use natural materials like stones, pieces of wood, sand and sea shells all collected by me piece by piece. I also, love to imitate human figures in movement and dancing poses.
I hope you find my works aesthetically valuable!!!